Blue and Brown Boy Baby Shower (aqua & chocolate)

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I recently hosted my first baby shower for my daughter. I found these cute baby boy plates and napkins and ran w/ the theme. It was a bit challenging finding the correct blue decorations. I was searching for the tiffany blue, aqua and chocolate-brown decorations but had little luck. So therefore I had to improvise and do a lot of DIY. Overall everyone that attended loved the elegant, yet cute baby decor. 🙂

For the table confetti, I punched them myself. I sprinkled brown, white, aqua dots on the tables and food table. Paula Deen sales a cute die-cut flower confetti in tiffany blue for $1.50 a package. I found those and the banquet bowls at Michaels.

I also did a balloon centerpiece for each table that came out really nice & super cheap but I have to see if any of my guest took a picture of it. I found the matching blue mylar balloons at the Dollar Tree store for $1 & added brown balloons to make an exciting centerpiece!! I had lots of fun and everything was done on a budget!! I’m a happy Granny.


3 Responses

  1. For the diaper centerpiece where can I get the baby doll ? I would love to buy them. Thx

  2. I purchased most of the baby decor and baby dolls from, “Big Dot of Happiness”. They have the cutest themes. 🙂

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